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10:30am Sunday Worship Service

You can find all the information about how to stay connected and join our community in worship here.

While the way we worship has changed for the time being, the why has not! We’d love to have you with us on Sundays!

God is Love

God is Love, that is our guidepost here at ECC. Our worship services strive to remind us each week that we are not only deeply loved by God, but we are also challenged to go and live our lives in ways that reflect that same love.

Our services include:

  • Christ centered worship and music.
  • Sermons that are rooted in Scripture.
  • Many types of prayer.
  • Communion.
  • Testimonies of faith.
  • Readings of scripture.
  • Films/special music.
  • A children’s sermon/song.

What worship looks like may vary from week to week as we strive to be faithful to God’s call upon our community to reflect God’s will in our lives. Following Jesus is never a stagnant task, therefore we regularly adjust our worship as lead by the Holy Spirit. However we are always centered on the Good News of Jesus Christ!

More About our Worship Service

Our worship service is informal and the dress is casual. The church gathering runs approximately 75 minutes. Coffee and snacks are served afterwards.

Sunday school for children is held during the service, children are welcome to join the service and then about halfway through are invited to their various classes based on their age.

There are no preconditions to joining us in worship. Please come as you are.

All are welcome.

If you have questions we’d love to answer them! Shoot us an email at office@ecctucson.org or give us a call (520) 885-3192.

If you want to go deeper into the text that we study each week you can subscribe to our weekly devotional email newsletter. 


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