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Director of Discipleship

Judy is a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. She is a graduate of University of California Berkeley and holds a certificate in Spiritual Direction from North Park Seminary. She has been a member of Methodist, Presbyterian, Reformed Church of America, and now has found her home in the Evangelical Covenant Church.

She has been a follower of Jesus since she was 25, and always called to be his disciple. Over the years she has served in in whatever capacity she was called, in whichever church she served. She is now preparing to be ordained as a Pastor in the Evangelical Covenant Church at the Annual Meeting in Minneapolis in June 2018.

Judy’s passion for ministry is for people to know the truth of the gospel as part of their everyday lives. That they would know the joy Jesus gives in the midst of all sorts of life experiences. That they would come to understand that he’s not just an historical person, or a nice set of life ideas; he is real and interested in each one of their daily lives. He will walk with them, guide them, be with them throughout all of lives experiences if they will let him – if they will take him seriously.

Judy is married to Don Behnke. They live in Sierra Vista where Don is very involved in ministries that distribute food to the hungry. He also has an abiding interest in seeing homeless people helped to find suitable housing.

Judy is our resident Spiritual Director, if you are interested in receiving spiritual direction more info can be found here.

To get in touch with Judy, to ask questions or set up an appointment you can email her at judy@ecctucson.org.