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Vision and Mission

At ECC we strive to be: authentic, diverse and engaged.

This is not an abstract vision of what a church should be, but instead is a statement of our belief of where God has brought us and the mission for which he has called us.


We are a diverse and authentic community of broken people in need of God’s grace. We welcome people into our community regardless of where they are in their faith journey. This is a place where it is OK to ask tough questions and where it is OK to not be OK. We believe that we are called to share in the abundance of one another’s joy and to help carry the burden of each other’s sorrows.


As a community we have not “arrived” we are very much a work in progress, and we continue to strive towards greater inclusivity. We strive to be intentionally inter-generational and multi-ethnic so we can reflect as much of the beautiful diversity of God’s Kingdom as possible.


Our mission is to build the Kingdom of God, which is why we are actively engaged in serving here in Tucson, in the borderlands region, and across the globe. In order to accomplish that service, we strive to be a community that recognizes, celebrates and utilizes the gifts of all who wish to serve. We believe that we are called to love all people because God loves all people.