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Renovate and Invigorate


It took us only four weeks to do so! If you donated, prayed or participated in any way we want to say a huge “Thank you!” You all made this possible.

Beginning on Sunday September 23rd 2018 we are beginning a new capital campaign: Renovate and Invigorate!


Eastside Covenant Church was established more than 50 years ago on the belief that God had called together a group of people to help advance and build His Kingdom here on the Eastside of Tucson. We still believe that is true today. Many of us live in this neighborhood and have been a part Tucson’s Eastside community for a long time. We are committed to continuing to serve this community in this location. In order to do that long into the future, we need to not only maintain what we currently have but continue to invest in future ministry.


Our Renovate and Invigorate campaign has three phases, ordered by priority. Phase one is repairing our roof, phase two is renovating our bathrooms and phase three is replacing the flooring in the Fellowship Hall. Once we raise enough funds for each phase we will begin work as soon as possible. That means that once we raise the funds for phase one we will start work on the roof and we will continue raising funds for the next two phases.


The roof on parts of our campus is 50 years old, considering the age it has held up remarkably well. However, it is time to invest some significant work to ensure that our roof stays healthy enough for us to continue to use the space. With each major monsoon old leaks get worse and new leaks emerge. This project will consist of a major resurface, patching over 100 weak spots and re-shingling the sanctuary roof. We will be repairing the roof on every building on the campus, this includes the sanctuary, the fellowship hall, the church and preschool office and all the preschool classrooms.



The bathrooms in the hallway outside the sanctuary are in need of a renovation. The toilets are old and the plumbing is in poor shape. The fans are often not sufficient and neither bathroom has air conditioning. We aim to fix all these problems. We will repaint and install new fixtures and toilets, we will put in new lighting and new heavy-duty fans. We will also install AC for the first time, running duct work from an existing unit that is under-utilized. Our hope is to remodel the bathrooms so that they are a pleasant space to use long into the future.



The carpet is in pretty rough shape in the fellowship hall, there are more stains than any of us would care to count. The fellowship hall is the primary space outside of the sanctuary where we meet as a community and we want to make sure it is invested in. It also one of the primary spaces that we rent to community groups throughout the week, we want to ensure that we are providing a welcoming space for all those who use our space. We will replace both the carpet and the vinyl flooring with a commercial grade locking vinyl flooring. Our goal is to install a high-quality product so that it lasts a long time and stands up to the regular use the space endures.




You can support the Renovate and Invigorate campaign at any time, you can give on Sunday mornings and designate the donatation to the campaign. Or you can send a donation through the mail (our address is 551. N Camino Seco).


The Leadership Team at Eastside Covenant Church has decided that we will collectively donate $2,350 in matching funds through the end of October 2018. That means that for every dollar you give up until that amount through the end of October we will match it. As your leaders we believe in this project and we feel that it is only fair that if we are asking you to give, that we do as well. Help us reach our goal so that we can Renovate and Invigorate Eastside Covenant Church!