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Leadership Team Minutes November 2018

Eastside Covenant Church Leadership Team meeting Thursday, November 8th 

Present: Hanna Cordova, Conor Johnson, Lily Kunkel, Taylor Burgoyne, Odessa Stotler Absent: None 

  1. Finances 
    • Monthly statements will be sent out later in the month and reviewed via e-mail.
    • Banking update: The transition to Vantage West has started and the church’s account is
      open. The preschool will be added as soon as they complete the paperwork. Conor will speak with Keith about cultivating a list of all payments in and out of the church’s account (to include dates, automatic payments, etc.) to create a roadmap for a complete transition.
    • Budget Committee: Taylor Burgoyne, Conor Johnson, Hanna Cordova, Don, and Kathy. Annual Meeting will be scheduled for 12/30/2018. Conor will send an e-mail to the group about scheduling.
    • Malachi Project: This is still on the table, but will be distanced to not be tied to the capital campaign.
  1. Facilities 
    • Parking Lot Update: The parking lot needs to be replaced (approximately $100,000) as it is
      not fiscally worthwhile to continue to re-seal. This will be tabled for approximately a year and then brought to the congregation for a decision about pursuing a re-paving, gravel, etc. Hanna will get a quote on sweeping the parking lot (maintenance).
    • Gas: Lance is taking over this maintenance. He will maintain the binder, ensure requirements are met, and attend all necessary meetings.
  1. Membership 
    • Executive Session
    • New membership (2) – unanimously accepted
  1. Vitality 
    • Dream Again: The team discussed some of the strategies mentioned during the event. 
  1. Calendar 
    • No mas muertes presentation 11/25/2018
    • Church decorating 12/01/2018
    • Christmas potluck 12/9/2018
  1. Next Meeting: 12/10/2018 at 7:30pm