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2019 Proposed Budget

Below are links to two documents, our Budget Companion document and the proposed budget itself. The Budget Companion provides an overview of our budget and details changes between our current 2018 budget and the proposed 2019 budget. It also outlines the process by which we establish and approve a budget every year. If you have been at Eastside for less than a year you are highly encouraged to view the Budget Companion Document first as it will help orient you in our process.

You are not only welcome but highly encouraged to ask questions about the process and the budget.

We will hold a meeting on December 30th after worship to discuss and vote on the budget for the coming year. Please review this document ahead of time and if you do have something you’d like to discuss seek out a member of the Leadership Team. Our hope is that we will not have to answer any questions about details during the meeting so that we can focus our discussion to more substantive matters. So please take advantage of this three week period to ask questions.

Everyone who is a part of our community is invited to participate in this process. If you are not a member you are invited to join in discussion and to attend the meeting, however only members are permitted to cast a vote. If you’d like to become a member at Eastside contact Pastor Taylor to begin the process.

Budget Companion

2019 Proposed Budget