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24 Hour Prayer Vigil

On March 23rd starting at 8am we are kicking off a 24hr prayer vigil! We have come to the realization after much discussion, discernment, and prayer that we are at a “turning point” as a congregation. We have seen so many wonderful things take place through the ministries of ECC and have witnessed God’s unending faithfulness time and time again. As we have journeyed through a prolonged season of revitalization and congregational vitality we find ourselves near the most critical portion of the pathway: implementation of our plans for the future. With that in mind we are taking several months to pray and work through the finer points of our plan. As we prepare for the new season that will entail we want to double down in prayer, and so we are doing just that!

We are going to be praying to the Holy Spirit for wisdom, for power and for conviction. 

We are asking ECC members and regular attenders to sign up for a one hour shift to help us fill out the vigil which will lead right into Sunday worship on the 24th. Resources will be available to guide your time.

A sign up sheet is available and you can sign up for a one hour shift on Sunday following worship.

Below is a set of instructions.

Prayer Vigil Instructions March 2019