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Leadership Team Minutes – March 2019

Present: Hanna Cordova, Conor Johnson, Lily Kunkel, Taylor Burgoyne, Odessa Stotler

Absent: None

  1. Finances
    1. Banking Transfer: The transfer to Vantage West Credit Union is complete.
    1. Online Giving: The team had already decided to go with Stripe for online giving – the church has now joined Planning Center, which offers the same service through Stripe, but at a lesser fee.
  2. Sonshine Preschool
    1. Update/Plan: The director is retiring and someone needs to be hired as soon as possible as next year is an assessment year. The team would like at least a week of overlap between the new director and Cathy, although she is willing to return occasionally for consulting. (Article 5 Section 5 – CMB will need to spearhead the process of search, interview, hiring, etc. The leadership team will need to approve the hire.) There is the possibility of a one-year interim director to allow for a longer search time as needed. Taylor, Lily, and Hanna will coordinate with CMB co-chair (Susannah) to create the team within the next week.
  3. Building Updates
    1. Roofing: There are no current leaks, even after the last rainstorm. The team has a quote from a roofing company to re-do the shingles ($8,141). The anti-ponding and HVAC fixes are in progress and already approved by the team. The church has $5,562 cash on hand through various funds (love building memorial, renovate, invigorate, future fund and $500 cash refund from home depot) to address the shingles. The team will update the congregation with this information during an announcement period on Sunday. There will not be any ask for the rest of the funds needed for the shingles.
    1. Fellowship Hall: The church was gifted the funding to install sound panels in the fellowship hall, given the new echo with the wood flooring. These will be installed with industrial Velcro. Team approved approximately $600 to replace the lighting in the fellowship hall so there will be no more need for fluorescent lighting.
  4. Triennial Money
    1. There has been a proposal to use this fund to purchase new tables and chairs for the fellowship hall; however, this is not enough money to purchase all the needed chairs/tables at the quality we would like. The team will announce Triennial to determine interest in attending and the conversation about use of funds will be tabled.
  5. General Updates
    1. Prayer Vigil (03/23/2019-03/24/2019): Pastor Taylor will pitch this again on Sunday as there are numerous available timeslots and the LT will be filling in any empty spaces.
    1. Sabbaticals: Pastor Taylor will have an update about who will be speaking during his sabbatical. He will also create a list of items to be covered while he is gone, which should be light given the summertime.
    1. Sunday School: Hanna will take point on planning the maternity/paternity leave time for Michael and Jordan. The three groups will merge into two for the summer starting in approximately May.
  6. PSWC & Annual Meeting Delegates: Taylor, Don, and Judy will be delegates to the PSWC (Maple Valley, California). Taylor may be the delegate to the Annual Meeting (Omaha, Nebraska).
  7. Next Meeting: 04/11/2019 at 7:00pm