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Daniel: Faith in Exile

On Sunday May 5th we will kick off a five week series on the book of Daniel.

Daniel was a faithful servant of God who lived his life in exile, forced into the service of a hostile ruler, the very same ruler who had conquered and exiled Daniel’s own people.

How do we live in the face of great trials? How do we respond when powerful forces in this world are adversarial to the Gospel of peace and love? What do we do in the face of pressure to conform and just go along with what we know isn’t right? How do we establish and maintain both personal integrity but also a culture of Godliness in adverse times?

These are some of the many questions that we will discuss in this series. You’re invited to join us for worship on Sundays at 10:30am. If you’d like to listen to previous messages you can do so online here.

If you have questions or want to get in touch you can email us at office@ecctucson.org or you can send us a message on our Facebook page.