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Common Thread: Fall Series

Have you ever wondered if there is a common thread that ties all of scripture together? Have you ever questioned if the God of the Old Testament is the same God in the New Testament? Have you ever been curious how the story all fits together? Why does Jesus quote the Old Testament so much? How did this whole story start? How does it end? Where are we going? Are we a part of the story?

You’re invited to join us for a twelve week survey of scripture where we will explore these questions and many more.

This is a great series for those who are either new to faith or are curious about exploring faith in an environment that isn’t afraid of asking tough questions or even not having all the answers.

We worship every Sunday at 10:30am, you’re invited.

Curious? Want to reach out? Shoot us an email at office@ecctucson.org or give us a call at (520) 885-3192.