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Now Streaming

Due to the changing circumstances in our community regarding COVID-19 we are currently suspending in person worship and will instead exclusively stream our service online. You’re invited to join us for our new live-streamed services!

10:30 AM

Tune in our new Eastside Covenant Church Youtube Channel where we will be posting weekly worship music playlists for you to view. We will create a new playlist each Sunday specifically for that service. Once you are at the channel you can click on “playlists” in the menu and select that Sunday’s date. If you want to see the playlist for this Sunday, you can; it is already up! The playlists reflect worship music we sing regularly at Eastside. We encourage you to sing at home and take time to intentionally enter into space of worship.

10:45 AM

Move on over to our church Facebook page where we will be live streaming prayer, announcements and a sermon. You do not need a Facebook account to watch the stream, although if you want to comment and “chat” with other folks at Eastside you will need to set up an account.

Sunday School:

Starting on Sunday, March 29th our Eastside Covenant Church Youtube Channel will host weekly Sunday school video lessons for our kids. Our Sunday School teachers are hard at work creating digital lessons for all our kiddos. These videos will be pre-recorded so they can be viewed at any time. Teachers will be in communication via email with parents with further details as they become known.