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Stations of the Cross

Every day during Holy Week (this week) we will be posting Stations of the Cross on our Facebook Page at 9AM/NOON/5PM as a way for you to join with Jesus as he marches towards the cross on Good Friday. Our hope is that this provides a creative avenue of spiritual reflection while we aren’t able to be together physically in this season of social distancing.

Each day in the evening, around 5PM we will update this page with all the posts from that day so that you can find them as they accumulate (there are 14 total) and find any you might have missed.

Each Station has: a title, a simple line drawing which was inspired by the scripture text, the scripture text itself, and a reflection.

The Stations below are slideshows, simply click through each station to view all the content.

Station One – “Open Hands”

Two – “Torches by Night”

Three – “Accused and Condemned”

Four – “Denial”

Five – “Sword and Flag”

Six – “Crown of Thorns”

Seven – “Lynch Mob”

Eight – “Cross Bearer”

Nine – “Weeping Women”

Ten – “Crucifixion”

Eleven – “Open Kingdom”

Twelve – “Immanuel”

Thirteen – “Lynching Tree”

Fourteen – “Extinguished”