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Resuming Indoor & In-Person Worship:

We are back indoors and in-person every Sunday!

Our service begins at 10:30 am

For an overview of our process by which we reached this decision, as well as our rationale for safety practices we encourage you to to watch this video:

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Sanctuary Capacity/Seating:

  • Chairs will be organized into pods which are physically distanced from other pods


  • Optional for fully vaccinated individuals
  • Required for those aged five and up who are not yet fully vaccinated

Worship Service:

  • Our service is live-streamed via YouTube (you can participate live via the chat and share prayer requests/praises)
  • Singing is permitted
  • Communion is observed each week, communion can be received in two ways: through the traditional method of coming to the altar and receiving the elements (after using hand sanitizer), or via pre-packaged cups/wafers in the back of the sanctuary if you prefer a contactless method
  • The worship service will be adjusted periodically as we determine how to best incorporate those joining via live stream

Sunday School:

  • Sunday school will be 100% outdoors under our Ramada (we have additional shade structures installed as well as misters and coolers)
  • Children are dropped off outside prior to the service instead of joining the adults for part of the service as was our previous pre-COVID practice
  • Given the extended length of time for Sunday School, we are incorporating structured playtime in addition to the lesson
  • For more specific info regarding Sunday School and to be added to the parent email list please email us at office@ecctucson.org

Post Service Fellowship Time:

  • Food and beverages will not be served for the time being

How You Can Help:

  • We need to raise some additional funds to cover costs for live streaming equipment which is above and beyond what we had initially anticipated, you can give to our General Fund here