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Free Meal Distribution

More details:
On Mondays, we serve meals for Monday and Tuesday.
On Wednesdays, we serve meals for Wednesday and Thursday.
On Fridays, we serve meals for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Who is eligible?
Anyone 18 or younger is eligible to receive free meals. Parents /guardians can pick up for their children, we actually encourage parent pick up. Simply tell us how many people under 18 are in your home and we’ll give you meals for them.

Where does this food come from?
The funding comes from the Arizona Department of Education, the meals are made by Nutrition One, the program is coordinated by AZDD Inspire. The volunteers serving meals are from Eastside Covenant Church.

You can volunteer to help us serve meals! You don’t have to be a church member. It’s an approximately one and half hour commitment for each shift you sign up for. Email ecctucsonchair@gmail.com with questions or to sign up to help serve.