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Spiritual Direction

We provide Spiritual Direction for anyone who wishes to receive it free of charge. Spiritual Direction is led by Judy Behnke our Director of Discipleship.

Spiritual Direction is a ministry of listening. It is listening to a person who wants to know more, or go deeper, or perhaps just wonders where God is in his/her life.

A Spiritual Director is also referred to (probably more aptly) as a Spiritual Friend or a Spiritual Companion.

When I sit with someone for Spiritual Direction, the most important thing I do is listen. I listen to what the person is saying, I listen to what they are not saying, but most importantly, I try to listen to what God is saying. I work with a person by asking questions, and by responding to their concerns. The Directee will never be forced to go in a direction that he/she doesn’t want to. I can make suggestions, but in this almost dance with the Directee, the Holy Spirit, and me, the Directee makes the decisions.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Judy to receive spiritual direction you can email her at judy@ecctucson.org.